Orienteering club "Međimurje", Selnica, Croatia, Orienteering club "Sova", Šećerana, Croatia.

Event Place:
Beli Manastir – Competition Center & Accommodation,
Našice – Stage 1.
Beli Manastir – Stage 2.
Popovac, Zlatno brdo – Stage 3.

Stages Date & Time:
Stage 1. (sprint) : 09.07.2011. - 11:00 (11:00 a.m.)
Stage 2. (sprint) : 09.07.2011. - 19:00 (07:00 p.m.)
Stage 3. (middle) : 10.07.2011. - 10:00 (10.00 a.m.)

Event Type:
Two days – Three races
1st day : sprint 1, (Croatian Sprint Cup, 1st stage of PWT Travel Tour O-Donau)
1st day : sprint 2, (Croatian Sprint Cup)
2.nd day : middle distance, (Croatian National Championship & Croatian Cup)

Chief of Organizers:
Vladimir Tkalec

Deputies Chief of Organizers:
Darko Duhović, Nikola Pajčin

Course designers:
Darko Duhović – stage 1.
Željko Koščak - stage 2.
Vladimir Tkalec – stage 3.

National Controllers:
Vladimir Tkalec – stage 1.
Darko Duhović – stage 2.

Željko Koščak - stage 3.

Competition center:
2 hours before 1st start on the stage finish areas, and
Primary school “Dr. Franjo Tuđman", Beli Manastir after 1st day.

Mapping: Vladimir Tkalec
Stage 1: Našice, 1: 5 000, e=5m, 2010.
Stage 2: Beli Manastir, 1: 4 000, e=2,5m, 2010/11. (new map)
Stage 3: Zlatno brdo, 1: 10 000, e=5m, 2010/11. (new map)

Stage 1 : City park with a decorated park infrastructure and urban areas.
Stage 2 : City center, street network, schoolyards.
Stage 3 : forest areas difficult to run, open and semi-open areas with overgrown meadows, vineyards, mildly wavy terrain.

Stage 1 :  MW12; MW16; MW20; MW21; MW35; MW40; MW45; MW50; MW55; MW60; MW65; MW70; MW75; M80; OPEN
Stage 2 :  MW12; MW16; MW20; MW21; MW35, OPEN

Stage 3 :  MW12; MW14; MW16; MW20; MW21A; MW21B; MW35; MW45; M55; M65; OPEN

Entry Fee:
Classes : MW21; MW35; MW40; MW45; MW50; MW55; MW60; MW65; MW70; MW75; M80 – 10 € (one race)
Classes : MW12; MW14; MW16; MW20 – 7 € (one race)
Classes : OPEN  – 3 € (one race)

For entries after 04. 07. – 3 € + on entry fee

Change of Data:
1,5 € will be charged for every change of class, name, SI card number, etc…

At least one hour before the first start in finish areas.

Until 04. 07. 2011.


Medals and special gifts for the best.
All stages will have victory ceremony.
We have rich prize fund - SEE PRIZES PAGE 

Time Measuring:
SPORTident system will be used.
SI Card will be available for rent fee 1.5 EUR/person/race.
If you want to use your own SI card, put the number on the online entry.

Organizer is offering accommodation in Primary school “Dr. Franjo Tuđman", Beli Manastir (sport hall).
For other type of accommodation you can SEE ACCOMMODATION PAGE.
Responsible person: Nikola Pajčin (klik for e-mail)

Competition will be held no matter of weather forecast.
Each competitor is running on his own responsibility. With entry clubs are responsible for competitors health.
First aid will be available on the competition.
It will be used Croatian Orienteering Federation rules and IOF rules.

Google map for all stages will be published on stages web pages. competition web pages

GSM: ++385 98 273 733 – Vladimir Tkalec
GSM: ++385 912 503 569 – Darko Duhović


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For the first time in this part of the Croatia we organize orienteering competition. Just after WMOC, only 70 kilometers from Pécs on the way to CROATIA OPEN we offer you 3 races in two days: 1st stage in Nasice - Stage one of PWT Trawel Danube tour - Croatian Sprint cup. 2nd stage in Beli Manastir - Croatian Sprint Cup. 3rd stage at the Zlatno Brdo near Beli Manastir - Croatian Championship in middle distance. Join us in a relaxing atmosphere and good orienteering company!