Organizer is offering accommodation in Primary school “Dr. Franjo Tuđman", Beli Manastir (sport hall).
That type of accommodation is free of charge. You must use your own sleeping bags. Toilets and showers are available.

Other possibilities:
For all types of accommodation you should contact Nikola if you want to book.
Responsible person: Nikola Pajčin (klik for e-mail).


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For the first time in this part of the Croatia we organize orienteering competition. Just after WMOC, only 70 kilometers from Pécs on the way to CROATIA OPEN we offer you 3 races in two days: 1st stage in Nasice - Stage one of PWT Trawel Danube tour - Croatian Sprint cup. 2nd stage in Beli Manastir - Croatian Sprint Cup. 3rd stage at the Zlatno Brdo near Beli Manastir - Croatian Championship in middle distance. Join us in a relaxing atmosphere and good orienteering company!